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Protect your innovation

Your ideas are intangible goods. They are of high value. Therefore, it is important to protect your innovation.  That takes a legal process. This takes a research from many sides beforehand. PLPG is supporting you in this process to get your ideas and innovations protected. And – as soon as it is protected and registered, you will be able to fully exploit your product or service. 

Brand Registration:
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Establishing a product is hard work well done. It takes a lot of efforts to get you from the first draft of an idea to an exploitable product. In between those phases it is necessary to get your work and knowledge protected.

This is usually done in different legal procedures. Starting with research of what already can be found publicly and officially, so that the official research doesn´t take more time and money than necessary. And it goes up to the process of legally branding and/or registering your innovation. Makes sense? 

What we will do

Our project development approach consists of seven consecutive steps: as presented in the figure below:

STEP 1: Opportunity Panel

STEP 2: Drafting

STEP 3: Feasibility Analysis

STEP 4: Growing

STEP 5: Conceptualization

STEP 6: Support to Realization

STEP 7: FIR – Final Impact Report

Depending on your needs, the full process or parts of the process may be realized or implemented

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