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A stock exchange is a great place to raise money for further growth of your company

But there are many more ways to access the stock exchange than an IPO. However, it takes a certain size of a company so that providing emissions publicly does make sense. Nevertheless, fresh money brings fresh growth and fresh success in new business fields.

Stock Exchange:
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Investments via stock exchange are a great reliability. However, this is not just feasible for the biggest enterprises, but also for small and medium companies – when knowing what to do.

First of all some questions have to be answered before a public offering like an emission can be considered:

  • What is the equivalence of the offering?
  • How to invest the fresh money?
  • What is the amount of value created with the investment?
  • In which period its equity can be realized?
  • Could it be done through the operative cashflow?
  • Does the company meet all the criteria necessary?

Calculation is a crucial part of the procedure to make sure from where to start and which necessary consequences have to follow.

So, the company needs a twofold preparation: 1) being prepared for the requested criteria; 2) being prepared in the company´s structure of processes and finances.

This is the way to access the next level.

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What we will do

We mainly provide support for entering the Direct Market or Direct Market Plus of Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse).

It is key that all documents are prepared in the way demanded by the official administration.  

We help to find the positions needed (market maker or – if necessary – investment bank).  We will provide all in the process necessary participants accredited by the stock exchange.

We also help to market your offering to the right channels, so that your emission is met by the right investors and will receive best public response.


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