Project Development

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Your company is full of new and innovative ideas

Some shall introduce new products or services to the market, others point beyond the limits or tend to dive deeper into challenges.

Project Development helps to transform exciting ideas into feasible projects. They will show in real time and in real space how your ideas can challenge the markets to create a valuable process that will expand your company´s options and chances.

Project Development:
our services

To create an impactful project that is more than being busy, that really contributes to your company´s sustainable successes you need

  • a defined approach and a clear understanding of the opportunities and potential future developments in your industry and market
  • a continuous control of progress and objectives met

The objectives of our project development service are:

  • to provide a structured approach for the development of innovative ideas into actual innovation project concepts
  • to improve the quality of innovation projects through creative co-development
  • to provide guidance, improve the innovation process and reduce potential risks
  • to increase the probability of success of the innovation project

Project development is focused on running a process. Where needed, we support the project development with additional services.    

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What we will do

Our project development approach consists of seven consecutive steps: as presented in the figure below:

STEP 1: Opportunity Panel

STEP 2: Drafting

STEP 3: Feasibility Analysis

STEP 4: Growing

STEP 5: Conceptualization

STEP 6: Support to Realization

STEP 7: FIR – Final Impact Report

Depending on your needs, the full process or parts of the process may be realized or implemented.

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