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Raising the attention of investors takes a detailed preparation

in many aspects of the business. If it is accomplished then it is needed to know precisely what you want from an investor – and also what you are willing to give for it. To limit it to money is aiming below the possible maximum. An investor should be chosen well – to help the company scale the best way.

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At a certain stage in your company´s life it might make sense to find an investor. Ideally the right one. Investors know their expertise and business well. They quickly know what an idea is worth at a certain stage, and they have an idea of what it could possibly become.

Therefore, preparing and defining is key when getting onto investors.  Based on facts and numbers several options for a strategy will be developed, so that the three points needed in a every investors negotiation are clear:

  • Why an investor?
  • What do you want from the investor?
  • What you are willing to offer, and to which extent?

Investors in all stages – from seed investors to business angels or even stock owners – know why they are investing. They know the occurring problems in each phase of a company´s development. They know the potential value – now, and then. And so should you.

Being accompanied in this process helps a lot to find more investors´ interest and to gain more money, percentage, and additional expertise through the investor.

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What we will do

Based on facts and numbers we develop a basic strategy for our client to attract investors. We will look for funds and investors that might be interested and interesting at the same time. We will prepare all data necessary and all arguments needed to raise the best offer for our clients – in a hopefully long-term relationship with his new partner.

Once this process is started we also develop a milestone-program for getting into further financing rounds.       


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